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report: number of visitors from different regions of Russia by days | by weeks | by months
average daily
March 2021 February 2021
81,85733.2% 132,08433.2%
21,5328.7% 33,9098.5%
11,0784.5% 17,5034.4%
10,9494.4% 16,2544.1%
10,6224.3% 17,4524.4%
9,6053.9% 15,5743.9%
5,8822.4% 9,4802.4%
5,7612.3% 8,0662.0%
4,1521.7% 6,1661.5%
4,1371.7% 5,8601.5%
136,04055.1% 217,20554.6%
246,797  397,957 

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In the report the quantity of unique visitors from different regions of Russia is shown.

Regions are marked by their regional centre: for example, by “Moscow” the whole Moscow region is implied.

Some cities, which are not regional centres, are marked out separately: Mineralnye Vody, Naberezhnye Chelny, Sochi, Tolyatti, Cherepovets.

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