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renewed on the 19 of February at 23:59

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In the report it is shown the quantity of transitions by advertisements, placed in the system Яндекс.Direct.

If you place your advertisement in Yandex.Direct system, then it will be shown on the pages of site-participants of the system (temporarily transitions from such sites are registered in the string “not defined”), and also in results of searching of search engine Yandex. In the report the retrieval phrase, which was entered by the visitor, transited by your advertisement, is shown.

Transitions by advertisements are not taken into account in reports "transitions by retrieval phrases ", and in the reports “transitions from sites/pages” transitions from every page are registered in the string “Advertisement”.

In order to keep record of transitions by advertisements, you must turn on the checkmark “External internet-statistics” on the page of settings of your advertising campaign in the system Yandex.Direct (link“Change parameters”).

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